Thursday, 7 February 2013

Joo in gong


Hwang Jin-i, also known by her gisaeng name Myeongwol was one of the most famous gisaeng of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

- Gisaeng were officially sanctioned Korean female entertainers or sometimes prostitues. Gisaeng are artists who work to entertain others, such as the yangbans and kings. -

She is famous because she was very smart, and talented in everything. She was poet, artist, author, calligrapher, singer, and dancer.


Mixed media.

As you see in the title, this drawing started from thinking about the word 'Explore'.

I love traveling.
I've traveled america when I was 13 with my family.
And I've traveled 11 cities in Europe at 2007. ; UK(London), The Netherlands(Amsterdam), Germany(Munich), Czech Republic(Prague), Austria(Vienna), Italy(Venice, Rome, Florence),  Switzerland(Lucerne), Spain(Barcelona), France (Paris)
And backpacking in India for 1 month at 2008. Also in Korea at same year.
Recently traveled California with my boyfriend at 2012.

Now, I am in Canada.

So from the word 'Explore' I just thought about myself, Exploring the World. This is my happy self-portrait. Enjoy!